Sheer nepotism..’!

Owh’ yu poor abandoned youth..,
What make yu fear a tear..’?!
The drought in yua tear.., I hear..’!
Owh’.. yua silent lament, shake me owh’ dear..’!
Well now.., I am to hear yua taken cheer..’!
For, I see no happy cheer.., buh’ yua bitter smear..’!
Where is that youth in yu, whom I see no where..’?!
Not hither nor thither..’!
I see yu pother and bother.., oh’ dear..’!
Yu say and I shall hear..’!
The youth then couth.., with a burning flare in his gaze..’
Almost shaken.., taken and terrified.., he began..,
It is.., know not.. by what misfortune.. had I been born.., to those forlorn..’!
Was it my fault.., to be born.., to those woe begone..’!?
Had I any plausibility to please of mine misfortunes..’?!
If only it was eva’ possible to turn the coin of life and let not ruin mah’ life..’?!
When spake, spoke mine mind, heart and soul intact.. unlike wheeze, quiver and shiver out of fear in fact..’!
For.., I was a carl buh’, gentle enough..’!
The nepotism played wrong.., shows me apart.. indeed, tore me apart..’!
I’m left chained and locked to even speak mine mind aloud..’!
It wasn’t that one day or one night.., buh’.., a many fortnight and fought plight..’!
The verisimilitude qualm of me.., being a clone to myself.., tears me apart..’!
For, I see a no more me.. buh’ a double me.., very much.. in me..’!
There comes a day.., I almost win.. buh’.., the dirty nepotism played.., takes away.., my paltry share of sheer cheer.. monsieur..’!
I put my soul, heart and breath into it.., just to gain some life out of it..’!
I almost won.., buh’.., I just lost..’! “They came.., and I lost!”
I played it real.. buh’.., they played a game.., the game of horns..’!
Where.., I was the dice.., buh’.., the number rolled to chase and win.., was I not to choose.. buh’.., those made to choose..’!
The youth said it all.., and went away.. gloomy.. yet fiercely and hurriedly.. forth the stead aback and awe struck, stand still.. old monk..’!

Avanthi Battu








Owh’ what should I name yu in appellation..’?
With what should I..’?!

For.., yu yuaself only, is an epitome of yuaself and none..’!

Yu.., from being a child to slowly transforming into and taking shape of a woman to bear me yua scion.., makes yu a real embodiment of God..’!

For..,, yu bear another life.. when in yu and also before yu..’! 

Bearing and laughing out.. all the pain and suffering.. at the time of yua labour.., makes yu great as yu again.. and none..’!

Owh’ what should I name yu in appellation..’?

With what should I..’?!

For.., yu yuaself only, is an epitome of yuaself and none..’!

Yu are a shield of protection and love.., that can even make.. the dirty world around.., a beautiful place to live in..’!

For, a home that has yu.., is a home we love to live in..’!

Owh’ what should I name yu in appellation..’?

With what should I..’?!

For.., yu yuaself only, is an epitome of yuaself and none..’!

With yu.., we are..’!

And without yu.., is what we not are..’! Coz, yu.., stand in a place.., close to oua hearts, live in oua minds and be a part of oua souls..’! For, at the times.., both even and odd.., yu split to share the greater parts of ’em all.. to make us feel lighter and overcome ’em all.., with a greatest ease.. my dearest part..’!

Owh’ what should I name yu in appellation..’?

With what should I..’?!

For.., yu yuaself only, is an epitome of yuaself and none..’!

Avanthi Battu😘💋❤️

Intuitive evince..’!😇✌🏾️

When agony deep.., deepens from within.., nicks and snicks into bits and bits..’!
The gash yowling gosh.., leaves us aghast to seek some kinda’ piece of peace.. amongst those masses amass..’!

Makes us live a life.., less in life.., with reasons in tons and tongues.., where.., words turn swords.., letting us down in poise.. and aplomb..’!

Evincing us.. odd belong..’!

Owh then.., is when.. I was torn and stood a sworn rare born..’!

For.., mine is the name appellate by people disparate..’!

Now.., here is where I stand.., at the edge.., alone and pale.., with mine face in glare and with lost mine flair..’!

Phrases counting.., these poor mine phases.., held me remain in control and chaste..’!

The rhapsody now.., is mine mind.., soul and flesh.., is still kept fresh..’

And.., when we reach a phase.. where.., we no need face.. no face.., is when we are set at ablaze.. like light coruscate..’!✌🏾️🍾🍷

Avanthi Battu✌🏾️

Lenity vouchsafed..’!✌🏾️

Ah’.., I prithee.., enough tolerated..’ enough polluted.. and.., enough populated.. the polluted population..’!

Have yu no mercy.. on the next generation..’?!

What taketh’ the shed dead in seek of an unbiased rule..’?!

Where is that lost humanity.. which lest.., should have broken along with the wall of Babylon..’!?

Oh’ I prithee.., enough tolerated.., enough polluted and enough populated the polluted population..’!

Where is that lost glory.. of the then.. highest soaring nation.., with rich heritage and culture accoutre..’?!

Biased to rule.., and parallelised to mute.. even the minute.. mineute..’!

The many doles and the many goads of the dead troupes over the contumely inculpate..’!

Oh’ oh I prithee.., enough tolerated.., enough polluted and enough populated the polluted population..’!

We have read the “if” and still.. find the right.., truly unknown.. and really unheard of heretofore..’!

Awh’ yes.., yu cans’t change the world in a fade of a day or a flip of a coin.., buh’.., if yu don’t try make a rudimentary move.. so as to seek some justice.., over the already made, “unjust justice..”, there’d none be inspired.., to put forth.. a limb of hope.., and a limb of togetherness..’!

Owh.., now.. yet again.., enough tolerated.., enough polluted and enough populated the polluted population..’!

Avanthi Battu ✌🏾️


Ah’❣it’s mah’ period..’!✌🏾️

Ah’❣it’s mah’ period..’!✌🏾️
Awh yes.., it’s mah’ period..’!
I’m happy to have my period..’!
So lucky to have a period..’!✌🏾️
It’s puberty.., when transpired.., hits hard on one’s mind and body..’!
The post puberty.., the term unknown to many.., is the time where yu meet with all the terms and conditions neva’ known or heard of.., heretofore..’!
Menarche to menopause.., mid is the time ‘t’ll be..’! 
Many distractions.., the many mixed emotions and many more notions..’! 
A cough and a sneeze.., make yu seize and.., feel the spill..’!
Ah’❣it’s mah’ period..’!✌🏾
Awh yes.., it’s mah’ period..’!
I’m happy to have my period..’!
So lucky to have a period..’!✌🏾
Well now.., the clenches.., the cramps.., all that pain is now, all forgotten..’! For.., yu grow a zygote into a foetus and weeks later.., feel not that blood spill buh’ yua waters’ spill..’! Awh yes.., now is the time for procreation..’!
Such is the beauty of period..’! Not a child from a mother buh’ the transformation of a child.., into a mother..’!
Being a mother is a blessing and so is to have yua menses..’! All in all.., a girl is a blessing..’!
The witty and the wise would know it all and the unwise.., shall know to shut it all..’!
Ah’❣it’s mah’ period..’!✌🏾
Awh yes.., it’s mah’ period..’!
I’m happy to have my period..’!
So lucky to have a period..’!✌🏾️

Sheer HoPe..’!✌🏾️

An almost a sempiternal ardour..,

From the juvenescence bout till date..,

I know not why and how have I been seeking and venturing to endeavour you..’!

The credence in the verity that the numen had beget someone to mirror my soul.., has been a succour to dote you more and more..’!

The crests and troughs in the waves of life.., would you by my side..’!

The tears over my fears of losing someone dear.., tore me apart.., and at this juncture.., from deep within.., a voice to assuage.. shout out loud..’for dear.., silence is the loudest when you’re alone with none a dear pronoun..’ wished a shoulder to rest my head and hear you mollify..’!

And dear.., I had mine better parts split two.., the one mine fragment seeking the other all while..’!

Apart.., the every sheer glee.., put up a lovely arc on my lowly dark countenance..’!

For.., yu’d say.., “If it’s the colour yu judge.., yu are colourblind..’!”

And.., every that time.., had my thoughts thought only of you and none..’!

Sure is your place next to me.. for darling you be my man..’ and.., me your lady love.., one fine day..’!



     Spoiled soul..’!!🤔🤐 

I am left chained and locked.., when I should open up and talk.., for the mock yu mark..’!
I am to hold aback to even speak aloud in the crowd.. old.. all about..’!

I am to drape a piece of cloth.. the length of the coffin box.., around my body.. not tight or light.., buh’ set so right..’!

Ah’ Owh yes.., it makes sense.., this still gets me to the death bed and then down into the ground with my frozen.., beaten.., molested.., and awh’ owh’.., down.. in there.., the hurt and the injured mine body lie.., the drape which was undraped to rape.., had led me.., to an unknown death..’ that.., which I didn’t call for.., or was even ready for..’!

It costs all the crests and troughs of my life.., right from the day I started my race.. as a winning sperm that led for procreation.., from a zygote to a foetus.., ah’ yes and hence.., was winning it all from my mother’s womb.., until the day I had no dream..’! Buh’..,

Aah’ owh’ now.., what was he to gain.., buh’ for the seconds of painful pleasure he gain..’?!

Owh.. Where now do I stand..? The guilt is all mine and he.., the jerk.., who jerk and jolt mine occlude and insulated lips.., had left me with a chilling pain and bloody stain..’! The hour so tough.., highly unforgettable, surely unforgivable, and never erasable..’!

He.., has no shame.., to even question.., of the blame..’!

What claims he.., is why can’t he be free for.., he thinks he is a king of all the dicks and even the chicks..’!

And here.., the fellow men and women take the name of the numen.., and ask for a justice.., that had already been made..’! The unjust justice…’!

And now.., at the end.., again.., I am to do nothing.., buh’.., shut mine mouth against the doubt.., and live a life much unlike..’!

Avanthi Battu



Appereared at the end..’!😶😉

What hast happened to me..,that I cans’t apprehend..’!

Where did that smile a mile and that sheer mine laughter go..’?!

Where is that lost me which once was a lot me..’?!

Where is that world of mine which had all people surge upon..’!

Where is that world of mine..,

which even trust the dust on land..

Where is that world of mine..,

with not any lust in mind..’!

Owh.., what hast happened to me..,

that I cans’t apprehend..’!

Today.., when I espy my chip off the old block kinda’ photograph.., I tend to imitate mine own smile..

Owh how hard is it to take that revile..’!

What hast happened to me..,

that I cans’t apprehend and be left.. tongue-tied..’!

For.., apparently or presumably..,

While in the action of striving to achieve something by treading a path less trodden.., arose a verisimilitude qualm of.., me.. forgetting me..

the very mine.., selfless self..’!

Which I heretofore thought if that was eva’ possible.., of forgetting myself..’ buh’ hitherto I now  stand a paradigm of it.., as a clone to myself..’ I really cans’t apprehend..’!

for.., I’m afraid..’!..,

To apprehend.., is to appear at the end..’!



Alas..’! A lone..’!👣

Alas..’! A lone..’!👣
I’m getting alone and alone..’!
My fear’s creeping into my mind over and over..’ Like never and never for ever and ever sure..’!
I’m getting alone and alone and fading sheer forlorn..’!
Growing lower and lower I swear..’!
Made to more rustic.., unkept out of frustration..’ Like never heretofore..’!
The state of euphoria then.., devastating now..’!
I’m getting alone and alone..’ and fading sheer forlorn..,
I’m shuddering to shallow and to more so mere..’!
Be better employed with the cacophony of ones’ company..’!
Though palpable for now..,
Thou shalt..’!
Lest.., you should be stead alone and alone all alone..’!