Spoiled soul..’!!🤔🤐 

I am left chained and locked.., when I should open up and talk.., for the mock yu mark..’!
I am to hold aback to even speak aloud in the crowd.. old.. all about..’!

I am to drape a piece of cloth.. the length of the coffin box.., around my body.. not tight or light.., buh’ set so right..’!

Ah’ Owh yes.., it makes sense.., this still gets me to the death bed and then down into the ground with my frozen.., beaten.., molested.., and awh’ owh’.., down.. in there.., the hurt and the injured mine body lie.., the drape which was undraped to rape.., had led me.., to an unknown death..’ that.., which I didn’t call for.., or was even ready for..’!

It costs all the crests and troughs of my life.., right from the day I started my race.. as a winning sperm that led for procreation.., from a zygote to a foetus.., ah’ yes and hence.., was winning it all from my mother’s womb.., until the day I had no dream..’! Buh’..,

Aah’ owh’ now.., what was he to gain.., buh’ for the seconds of painful pleasure he gain..’?!

Owh.. Where now do I stand..? The guilt is all mine and he.., the jerk.., who jerk and jolt mine occlude and insulated lips.., had left me with a chilling pain and bloody stain..’! The hour so tough.., highly unforgettable, surely unforgivable, and never erasable..’!

He.., has no shame.., to even question.., of the blame..’!

What claims he.., is why can’t he be free for.., he thinks he is a king of all the dicks and even the chicks..’!

And here.., the fellow men and women take the name of the numen.., and ask for a justice.., that had already been made..’! The unjust justice…’!

And now.., at the end.., again.., I am to do nothing.., buh’.., shut mine mouth against the doubt.., and live a life much unlike..’!

Avanthi Battu




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