Sheer HoPe..’!✌🏾️

An almost a sempiternal ardour..,

From the juvenescence bout till date..,

I know not why and how have I been seeking and venturing to endeavour you..’!

The credence in the verity that the numen had beget someone to mirror my soul.., has been a succour to dote you more and more..’!

The crests and troughs in the waves of life.., would you by my side..’!

The tears over my fears of losing someone dear.., tore me apart.., and at this juncture.., from deep within.., a voice to assuage.. shout out loud..’for dear.., silence is the loudest when you’re alone with none a dear pronoun..’ wished a shoulder to rest my head and hear you mollify..’!

And dear.., I had mine better parts split two.., the one mine fragment seeking the other all while..’!

Apart.., the every sheer glee.., put up a lovely arc on my lowly dark countenance..’!

For.., yu’d say.., “If it’s the colour yu judge.., yu are colourblind..’!”

And.., every that time.., had my thoughts thought only of you and none..’!

Sure is your place next to me.. for darling you be my man..’ and.., me your lady love.., one fine day..’!




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