Alas..’! A lone..’!πŸ‘£

Alas..’! A lone..’!πŸ‘£
I’m getting alone and alone..’!
My fear’s creeping into my mind over and over..’ Like never and never for ever and ever sure..’!
I’m getting alone and alone and fading sheer forlorn..’!
Growing lower and lower I swear..’!
Made to more rustic.., unkept out of frustration..’ Like never heretofore..’!
The state of euphoria then.., devastating now..’!
I’m getting alone and alone..’ and fading sheer forlorn..,
I’m shuddering to shallow and to more so mere..’!
Be better employed with the cacophony of ones’ company..’!
Though palpable for now..,
Thou shalt..’!
Lest.., you should be stead alone and alone all alone..’!



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